Friday, June 29, 2012

Colorado Day 5, The Hike

Mr. Handsome found an iphone app that would identify trails in our area. We chose the Crags trail because it was described as an easy trail with a beautiful view at the end. We thought four miles was a little far for Cupcake, but we figured we could carry her when she got tired.

Cupcake was NOT an enthusiastic hiker, so we took frequent breaks. Her favorite thing was to climb up on a rock and insist that her picture be taken. We have at least 20 pics of this girl sitting on rocks.

Another fun diversion was to stop and feel the cold water each time we got close to the stream.

All things considered, she was quite a trooper. 

And the trail did not disappoint. We soaked in the beauty of God's beautiful creation.

We made it to the top, and Cupcake walked most of the two miles by herself.

This is the halfway point of our journey, but the last photo . . . 

On the way back down, Cupcake fell and slashed her hand on a rock. There was a lot of blood, and a bit of panic as her parents (who were sure she'd need stitches) realized we weren't prepared for this kind of thing. And our car was a good two miles away.

So we wrapped the hand in a jacket. I took the backpack and Mr. Handsome picked up the girl. We made it back to the car in record time. By then there was no more bleeding, and the cut was something a band-aid could fix. 

Fun times. :)

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