Saturday, April 27, 2013

Splendid Saturday

This morning, Cupcake and I took a walk to the post office for stamps. A local store was having a sale with 99 cent sunglasses, so I bought her a pair. The result? Secret Agent Girl.

Then we visited the Grandparents and got to test out their new ride. A Kubota. So fun!

Sweet cheeks woke up early this morning. But she didn't wake up her still-sleeping parents. She busied herself with lining up all her shoes in a row. We love our girl. :)

Diva Saturday

One of the highlights of this Saturday was getting to see one of our favorite high school girls and her friends all dressed up for prom. They were beautiful! Cupcake told us "When I get to be a prom dancer, I want to wear a purple dress.". We'll see . . . :)

And this, because you can't have too many hair clips.

Dirt Didn't Have a Chance

This Saturday, we went to Grandpa T.Lee's house to get some dirt for our garden. This meant a rare tractor ride for our girl with her Daddy. She loved it!

Proud of our MOM!

Our Mom is 73 years old. She has spent the last two years accomplishing an 80 pound weight loss. She has counted calories and steps. Daily. She has sacrificed for her goal. This day, she ran/walked her first 5k. We couldn't be more proud. And thankful to have her with us. 


Cupcake has beautiful hair. Long. Blonde. Curly. It is every girl's dream.

But hair maintenance was getting to be quite a chore at our house. She would cry every time we brushed it. It was a disaster by the end of the day. So, we finally made the very hard decision to cut it to just below her shoulders.

The result is beautiful, though Mama was very sad. Thanks to our highly trusted hair-cutter, Amber, for doing a beautiful job and making the process as painless as possible. 

 She will have long hair again one day. As soon as she is old enough to brush it herself!

This and That

Our April Fool's Day lunch. 

Diva with a Sonic drink.

Dandelion hunts with Dad have become a weekly event. The dandelions didn't stand a chance.

Dress up.

Because you can't have too many headbands.

I just asked her to smile

Oh, our girl and her personality. We love her!


We had a beautiful Easter with all of the usual family traditions. There was an Easter basket hunt . . . 

. . . And tree climbing and cousin time.

Easter Cupcake.


Cupcake is growing! Someone should really buy her some new pants . . .

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

My students did really well on their state assessment, so I rewarded them with my famous treat -- Chocolate chip cookies with embedded oreo.

And of course, Cupcake was available to lick the beater. This is totally allowed at our house.

Spring Break Fun

A peanut-butter & bird seed encrusted pine cone from daycare. Waiting for the birds to come and enjoy.

Play-doh time with Dada.

A visit to the zoo. It was super cold. We were excited to feed the giraffes, but they couldn't come outside. Still, it was a fun day!

At the hardware store, we walked into a room full of colorful chairs. "Beautiful!" she exclaimed. 

This, obviously, is a family of grapes.