Friday, June 13, 2014

That's All For Now

I've been thinking about this blog and how far behind I am, and why I started it, and if it makes sense to continue something that is a challenge for me to keep up . . .

I started this blog so that I could record our family memories. But it just hasn't worked that way. I generally don't write things down when they happen and then I forget about them. I feel stressed out when I think about this blog and how far behind I am.

I am having an easier time to document life events through pictures which I have stored in multiple places and made into photo books. There will be no lack of record of our daughter's childhood.

Funny events & conversations generally get documented on Facebook. Perhaps some day I will make a book out of my status updates . . . How many different sources of documentation do I need?

I had hoped this blog would help provide updates to our daughter's birth family. I have failed miserably there. Fortunately, I am friends with them over on Facebook and can share with them that way. This blog feels unnecessarily repetitive.

Mr. Handsome is not comfortable with the public nature of a blog. I feel awkward using silly names to refer to my husband and daughter.

I find myself ignoring my family so that I can get caught up on the blog. So that doesn't make sense.

So I've concluded to officially quit writing this blog. I will probably keep it up (for now at least), in case I have a reason to return to it some day.

I will be using the time I would have spent here to live the memories and not stress so much about recording all of them!

Friday, December 27, 2013


Six months prior, we signed up for (my first) half marathon with a couple of great friends.

Are you sure you want to do this? Mr. Handsome asked me more than once. It's 13 miles! Yep, I said. Sign me up!

It was hard. He wasn't kidding. But I am pretty happy with how it went.

And I wish I could hug the photographer who took this shot because . . . people behind me!


Guess who was in charge of the olives?


We decided to try out soccer with a four-day clinic. Cupcake didn't love it. But it was fun to sit on a soccer ball and chat with a buddy.

Maybe we'll try again . . .

Kite Flying With Dad


Our Little Picasso

Fun with a favorite birthday gift.

A little help from Dad.

And the budding artist.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Runner in Training

Mr. Handsome and I were signed up for the Labor Day 5k in Green town. There were races for littles, so Cupcake needed to prep for her very first race, a 50 meter dash.

She was most excited about the gatorade we promised her. In our house, such special drinks are reserved for running!

At the track, she received some coaching from her Dad.

And then she took off with a smile. Way to go, girl!

"I am ready to hydrate", she says!