Monday, November 26, 2012


Halloween is a BIG deal in our little neighborhood.

Cupcake dressed up as a K-State cheerleader, while I was Cookie Monster. Even Sophie got to join in the dress-up fun. Although it wasn't fun for her. And she had to stay home.

Some of our favorite friends came over to eat supper before we headed out for fun. The kids and Moms headed out to trick-or-treat. The Dads stayed home to hand out candy.

600 fun dips. I told you it is a big deal around here. They even block off the street. We ran out of candy by 7:30 and closed our doors. Our neighbors across the street had 800 visitors.

Great little friends.

D for Dad

At daycare, Cupcake was given the opportunity to draw whatever she wanted.

What did you draw, Cupcake?

It's a D for Dad.

Yes it is! We are so proud.

Remembering Grandma Wade

Our family traveled a few hours on October 20th to remember Hubby's Grandma. We all gathered in her hometown where she was buried. There were a lot of great memories to share. Grandma Wade loved each of her children and grandchildren so much. Her greatest joy was to have us sit in her house, feed us generously, and chat for as long as we could stay. When we left, she would always send something with us.

After the memorial service, we visited a museum and spent some more time as a family.

This little home was built by Grandma Wade's Grandfather, and was the first homestead in her hometown.

Here are the fifth and sixth generations to step inside.

On the back of the house is a little stone where Grandma carved her name.

Cupcake had fun playing in the little pretend jail, and the bag swing.

She also found a friend in her cousin, Jett. The two of them played in the dirt for a long time.

Grandma would have loved seeing her family together, enjoying the beautiful weather, kids playing and adults talking. Great day.