Sunday, March 3, 2013

Proud Mama

This morning at church, Cupcake sat with four or five little friends between services. They were playing with the play doh gifted by their sweet teacher. I watched as she observed that one little boy did not have any play doh. She broke hers in half and gave it to him. I was so blessed by her spontaneous kindness.

Then at home, when it was almost time for supper, she asked me for the plates so that she could put them on the table. Then she put silverware at each spot and climbed up into the cupboard to get cups and filled them with water. She did all of this without being asked. I was so blessed by her helpfulness.

I know that I am supposed to be sad that my daughter is growing up so fast. But watching her learn new things and seeing her character emerge makes me really happy.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Our church had a skating party, and Cupcake has been excited all week.

Her cousin Dakota took her for a few laps.

She also paired up with an adorable friend her same age. The two of them held hands and took off in their matching pink skirts. I wish I had a photo of the adorable-ness.

Skating is hard work, for sure!