Saturday, September 14, 2013

Runner in Training

Mr. Handsome and I were signed up for the Labor Day 5k in Green town. There were races for littles, so Cupcake needed to prep for her very first race, a 50 meter dash.

She was most excited about the gatorade we promised her. In our house, such special drinks are reserved for running!

At the track, she received some coaching from her Dad.

And then she took off with a smile. Way to go, girl!

"I am ready to hydrate", she says!

Chalk Art

Birthday #4!!

We had a low-key birthday this year, with a princess theme. Putting on the finishing touches.

And of course there were presents. Cupcake is blessed to have so many people who care about her and think about her on her birthday. Thank you to birth families and special friends for making her day!

Since the grandparents couldn't be there on the big day, we had a second cake the following week. I love how the swirls turned out in her favorite color, purple.

County Fair

The end of summer is a little less painless because we have the fair. It is close to our house, so we can walk over and take in the fun. There are rides to ride, funnel cakes to eat, and people you know out taking it in. 

I thought it would be fun for Cupcake to enter something. There was a category for pre-school art in open class, so we picked out one of her favorite drawings. The judge was so kind to take the time and write a comment!

First blue ribbon!