Thursday, September 20, 2012

Picnic Date

Mr. Handsome is out of town for a few days, so Cupcake and I had a special picnic date. Hamburgers and french fries on a blanket in the park. We enjoyed the beautiful fall weather, and ate and played until it was time to go to bed.

She finally conquered her fear of the big slide.

And she totally impressed me when she effortlessly scaled this wall. All. By. Herself.

It was definitely a "how did my baby get so big so fast?" moment.

Future Architect?

She's been obsessed with this paper robot lately. She announced that she was going to go build him a house, and she couldn't wait to show me the result. I think he will be pretty happy there.

OK Trip! Also, Mama's New Car

I have had my eye on this particular car for a couple of years now. It has excellent safety ratings and fuel economy. Oh, and it is cute and it comes in my favorite color. This weekend we went to Oklahoma to bring it home.

We left super early and drove 3 1/2 hours. Cupcake was an excellent traveler and she was so patient while we worked out the details at the dealership. By the time we grabbed lunch, she was exhausted. Poor thing fell asleep, half eaten sandwich in hand.

The best part of the day is that we drove on to OKC to visit Mr. Handsome's brother and family. We started out at little brother's soccer game. Cupcake had a blast running around with her cousin.

Then we went to the park, where the older boys pushed her on the swings (and successfully avoided my camera most of the time). She pretty much adores them.

Then we headed to the pond and fed the ducks.

Finally we ended the night with an oh-so-tasty meal at Big Truck Tacos. So yummy!

Thanks for a super fun time! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mom's Helper

Cupcake loves to pull up the step stool and watch me cook. We rolled up enchiladas this week. Her job was to peel a tortilla off the stack and put it on the countertop.  She also wiped up some spills. Such a good helper!

It's Finally Fall!

The weather was beautiful today. Fall is getting closer and we cannot wait! We got to enjoy the outdoors today, and a festival at the park in a nearby town.

To make it even better, we got to meet up with some of our favorite friends!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today, She is 3

When it comes to parenting, I am mostly able to enjoy each moment as it comes. I don't really understand parents who don't want their children to grow up.

I remember when she was 18 months old, thinking that there couldn't be anything more fun than having an 18-month-old in my house. . . . Then I felt the same way when she was 2. Nothing could possibly be more fun than a two-year-old!

Now I have decided that there is something to cherish about each age and each stage.

Today, she is 3.

She is beautiful. Vivacious. She's hilarious. I love being her Mom.

More Birthday #3

Later in birthday week we had a visit from two very special friends. These two have known Cupcake since she was born, and they love to spoil her.

How many three-year-olds get to have their own wheels?

We love you, honorary Grandma G and Grandpa L.

Cowgirl Birthday

Has it really been three years already? We decided to celebrate with a cowgirl-themed party. I had so much fun making the cake!

We continued the "lunch with Dad" tradition, place of her choice. We are hopeful she will one day choose something other than McDonald's.

Nothing says "cowgirl" like boots and a tutu! Waiting patiently for guests to arrive.

Dinner with Grandparents and three candles on the cake. 

Finally, a trip to the back yard. There is one thing every cowgirl needs . . . 

Her very own horse!

Parade Day!

Every year, our town stops for this parade. People put chairs out on the curb early in the morning to ensure a good seat. Shops and restaurants close for a couple of hours. And how lucky are we? The parade goes right by our house!

Since the parade also opens the county fair and rodeo, we let Cupcake have her birthday boots early.

And then we waited for the parade to come.

When candy started flying, she was ready!

She lost interest after she was allowed to have a sucker, and hung out with a good buddy for a while.

And then she moved on to cousin Dakota, one of her favorite people.

I think the feeling is mutual. :)

Happy 36 To Me!

Birthdays just keep getting better . . .