Monday, December 31, 2012

Scenes from the Break

We have had a super fun break. We love stay-at-home days!

We had a family Christmas with my sister's family, and Cupcake had so much fun with her little cousin!

I see you! I love this pic!

Shopping with Dad.

And sadly, we had a few days of the yuckies.

But we ended with snow! What a perfect last day of 2012!

Snow girl!

And at the last minute we remembered about snow ice cream!

Dance Costume

We cranked the music for another dance party in the kitchen. Cupcake insisted on wearing a costume.

Her Dad's costume was even better, but there were no photos of that happening!

Monday, December 3, 2012


This weekend, we traveled to OKC for cousin Adeline's ballet.

Cupcake was sooooooo excited!

We even got to go backstage and get a picture with the star!

First Haircut

At three years old, it was finally time to let scissors touch the hair. 

This is one milestone I held off for as long as possible.

What a relief, the curls are still there!

First Self Portrait


Yard Work

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we spent some time outside hanging lights, trimming bushes, and raking leaves.

Cupcake was a terrific helper, and then she found a comfy place to rest on this bag of leaves.

Oh, the faces this girl can make!

Sunday Funday

More fun with our two little buddies. They got to stay with us for a whole afternoon.

First we went to the park. Mr. Handsome had some specific instructions for everyone before we left.

Cupcake tried and tried to push Elliott on the swing, but she couldn't get the timing quite right and kept getting pushed over.

Fun, and more fun!

Back home, we played in the back yard.

Funny face contest!

Just Chillaxing

With Mom's iPad.