Monday, February 25, 2013


With the threat of another winter storm looming, we made a quick trip to the store to stock up.

Cupcake entertained herself by creating shapes with the food.

"Look Mom, I made a triangle!"

"Look Mom, I made a T!"

Cousin-Powered Giraffe

Cupcake is lucky to have some cousins who adore her. She pretty much has them wrapped around her little finger, and there isn't much they wouldn't do for her.

Snow Days!

We had five stay-at-home days in a row. Thanks to a winter storm!

We did some finger painting. 

And we made three or four trips out sledding.

Snow adventure ahead! 

That is a creek at the bottom of our sledding hill. Dad was waiting there in case the sled didn't stop.

That is a 12-inch ruler just barely peeking out of the snow on our deck.

A painting titled "The butterfly and the hot dog". Who knows?

I found a bag of old marshmallows, so we used toothpicks to create letters and shapes.

This and That

So excited for her Valentine's party at day care.

 "Look Mom, I wrote my name!" Yes you did. Kind of. Genius.

Ready to cheer on the Irish!

Fun Arrivals!

This playhouse arrived from our Oklahoma cousins. The weather kept us from getting together at Christmas, and this was Cupcake's present. She could not have been more excited!

She went right to work preparing me a meal to eat in her new house. A pear, chocolate, and bacon. 

This adorable cow came from Topeka cousins. And it matches her favorite shirt!

Fun with Dad in the play house.

Marble Run

We saw this idea online, and it has been a lot of fun. 

Just an empty cereal box and some marbles. Gotta love simple toys!

Weekend Fun

A few weeks ago, Mr. Handsome was out of town for the weekend. We made chocolate-covered marshmallows.

 And we got to have a driveway play date with some of our favorite friends. Their street has been closed for months.

 So we took advantage of having a blocked off street all to ourselves.