Friday, June 13, 2014

That's All For Now

I've been thinking about this blog and how far behind I am, and why I started it, and if it makes sense to continue something that is a challenge for me to keep up . . .

I started this blog so that I could record our family memories. But it just hasn't worked that way. I generally don't write things down when they happen and then I forget about them. I feel stressed out when I think about this blog and how far behind I am.

I am having an easier time to document life events through pictures which I have stored in multiple places and made into photo books. There will be no lack of record of our daughter's childhood.

Funny events & conversations generally get documented on Facebook. Perhaps some day I will make a book out of my status updates . . . How many different sources of documentation do I need?

I had hoped this blog would help provide updates to our daughter's birth family. I have failed miserably there. Fortunately, I am friends with them over on Facebook and can share with them that way. This blog feels unnecessarily repetitive.

Mr. Handsome is not comfortable with the public nature of a blog. I feel awkward using silly names to refer to my husband and daughter.

I find myself ignoring my family so that I can get caught up on the blog. So that doesn't make sense.

So I've concluded to officially quit writing this blog. I will probably keep it up (for now at least), in case I have a reason to return to it some day.

I will be using the time I would have spent here to live the memories and not stress so much about recording all of them!

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