Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colorado Day 1 and Day 2

We are back from a fun and relaxing vacation in Colorado. We already miss the mountains and the cool temps.

The trip got off to a rough start. Two hours into our drive, Cupcake lost her breakfast all over the back seat of the car. Gross. Thankfully, she recovered quickly. We drove to the next town, which happened to have a Wal-Mart. She was all smiles while her Dad stocked up on febreeze, clorox wipes, and upholstery cleaner.

Six or Seven hours later we arrived at this adorable cabin, which became known for the rest of the week as "Colorado".

We spent the evening exploring the area, and took a walk to this beautiful little lake.

The uphill climb back to "Colorado" was a bit much for Cupcake, so she enjoyed what would be the first of many rides from her Dad.

The next day we went shopping. Not the best use of our opportunity to enjoy nature, I know. I love to shop, and it is fun when you have all the options a nearby big city can offer.

After shopping, we visited my cousin and her family in Colorado Springs for supper. Why I didn't take my camera? I must remember this always if I am going to be a good blogger.

We had a great time with the three of them. As we were driving away, Cupcake (who was overly tired) started crying. "I forgot to say thank you for the supper!"

Our prayers are with that sweet family, as they have since been evacuated from their home due to the fires in the Colorado Springs area.

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