Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Mr. Handsome and I enjoyed six whole days together in California in July. Child free. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! We were there for our church's North American conference. We sat through some boring meetings.

We also accomplished some fun goals:

Like eating food we don't have readily available at home.

And driving our car onto a ferry, and walking on the beach.

And, one of my lifelong dreams, visiting the Ronald Reagan museum.

This may be a weird lifetime goal, but I guess I was a weird kid. My parents liked Ronald Reagan, and I can remember sitting in the living room watching TV with my Dad on election night. If I could have met any famous person when I was a kid, age 4 - 12 or so, I would have picked President Reagan.

California was beautiful. We were blessed to have the time for just the two of us. 

And then coming back home to our girl? Priceless. 

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